Smart Pool Maintenance: Weekly Service

Here at Smart Management Group we understand what makes a great pool experience. This is why we care a great deal about pool maintenance!

Our weekly service includes the following:

  • Remove all debris from deck
  • Skim pool surface
  • Vacuum pool floor
  • Clean out skimmer baskets and hair strainer
  • Test and balance pool chemicals
  • Clean automatic floor cleaner
  • Backwash or clean filter cartridges when necessary
  • Inspect all pool equipment and notify of repairs needed

We are able to get your pool so clean in a timely manner because we put the right tools in the right hands! Some companies have the right tools, and some have the right hands.

With regular maintenance, your pool and pool equipment will see a much longer life than a pool that is not properly taken care of. Most customers who choose weekly service save money in the long term because they are able to go many years longer without a renovation.