Smart Pool Openings and Closings

Smart Management Group provides you full pool openings and closings solution:


A fun and successful pool season starts with a proper opening of your pool. Don't go through the time and frustration of opening the pool yourself, only for it to be weeks before you can even use the pool. Smart Pools understands that the pool season is short, and every day matters.

Smart Pool Management offers you these opening services:

  • Remove, clean, and fold cover
  • Remove all winterizing plugs
  • Re-circulate water through filtration system
  • Install ladder, Diving board, cleaners and all pool accessories
  • Start-up of heater upon request of homeowner
  • Inspect pool, pool equipment and environment with notice of required repairs for proper operation of pool
  • ​Brush pool walls
  • Test chemicals
  • Balance chemicals with all necessary chemicals added to pool. (All chemicals, except salt, are included in pool opening price)
  • Clean pool
  • Skim pool surface
  • Vacuum pool bottom

Regular maintenance is essential after a pool opening!
Check what we have to offer you for your regular maintenance.


Every successful season comes to an end. Preparing for the off-season is essential and this is why Smart Pool Management offers you closing services for your pool that will leave it protected for the next season.

  • Insure that your pool will be safe during the harsh conditions of the cold seasons
  • Drain water to 16 inches below bottom of tile
  • Clean entire pool (skim surface and vacuum pool bottom)
  • Clean filter system (cartridges or filter grids for D.E filters)
  • Remove all water from circulation system
  • Balance pool chemicals
  • Drain and winterize pump and filter system
  • Remove ladders and diving board if necessary
  • Install pool cover